Nipple Ruler

Most of the breast shields in the market are ranging from 24mm to 28mm in size. But not all mommies found the sizes fit them perfectly. It is very common for Malaysia mommies to feel their existing breast shield is either too big or too small that causing the pain or inefficient pumping.


You may want to find the breast shield that best fit you, by determine your nipple size after pumping. Please download and use this Nipple Ruler > to measure your nipple after your pumping session. Print it out on A4 at 100%, cut through the red line, fold along the green dots then you have made yourself a nipple diameter measuring tool. 


Click on this link to see the finished ruler.


How to choose the right size of breastshields for you?


Measure your nipple after a pumping session. Choose the breastshield that is 1-2mm larger than the diameter of your nipple. You should be able to see free movement of your nipple during pumping and there should be little or no suction of the areola into the tunnel of the breastshield.


However, if you measure your nipple before a pumping session, the estimated breast shield that suits you is = your measurement + 3 to 4mm, depends on the elasticity of your breast skin. 


If you are unsure, don't worry, we are here to help, feel free to chat or WhatsApp us at +6019-7027827.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: My nipple size is 15mm. Do you think will it be better to order bigger ie 21mm breastshield?

A: If your breast shield is too big, the whole areola area will be pulled in during pumping which will hurt your areola area, causing pain and inefficient pumping.