1. What is it?
It is a pair of hands-free milk collection cup set, complete with tubing.


2. Is it Authentic?
Yes. We are authorised reseller of Milk Planet products.


3. How to use it?
Firstly assemble the cup, then place the cup under your bra, nipple must centered into the funnel, connect the cup with any breast pump (For Medela brand you need to purchase Medela connector from us). Then you can pump hands-freely WITHOUT holding the cups while pumping. If you are looking for more advance tubeless breast pump, please refer to our Imani i2.


4. What size for me?
Freedom original funnel size is 26mm. 

If you are smaller nipple mummies, you can buy the inserts from us to reduce the original funnel size from 26mm to 21mm, 19mm or 17mm.


5. What do we love about it?

✔ Small in shape, but can hold up to 150ml of milk.
✔ Made of full BPA Free plastic, thus it is lighter than silicone milk collection cups
✔ Affordable price 
✔ Compatible with majority breast pump in the market including Spectra, Cimilre, Bebebao, Autumnz, Lacte, Avent. For Medela breast pump, a special connector is required for the connection. Please chat with us. 


6. I still have questions!
You may WhatsApp us at 019-702 7827 for any questions. 


7. Why buy from us?
✔ We know our products well
✔ We give prompt and immediate assistance.
✔ Tip-top before and after customer service 
✔ You can make appointment for free testing before buying.
✔ Ready Stock 




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What's in the box

7. Each box consists of:

- 2x Breastshield

- 2x Silicone Ring

- 2x Anti-backflow system cap

- 2x Anti-backflow system diaphragm

- 2x Breastshield-valve connector

- 2x Valve + 1 Spare Valve

- 2x Collection Cup

- 3x Tubing

- 1x Y-Connector